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Why Tire//SMART

Table of Contents

Features You Can Use

Ease of System Setup

Customer Contact Features

Features For When The
Vehicle Is In The Shop

Other Helpful Features

Simple Data Access from the
Point of Sale screen using Quick//LINK

  • With just a single click (or at most a few keystrokes) from within the order entry screens, Quick//LINK returns data from 18 interoperating system modules, providing answers to customers’ questions such as:
    • Do you have items available for my needs? At what price?
    • What did I buy in the past? How much did I pay?
    • Did you get my last check? How did you apply it?
    • How much do I owe now? What invoices are open?
    • Do you have an appointment slot available for next week?
    • Can you send me a reminder about relining my brakes in 2 months?
  • Automates the process, empowering the salesperson–with minimal effort–to add on appropriate items & increase your sales
  • Minimizes wasting the customer’s and salesperson’s time

Custom Feature Option

Cloud-based System / Hardware Setup

Unparalleled 24/7/365 System Support
by People with Answers!

Return on Investment